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Lake Erie bite


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5 hours ago, Gill-T said:

I done lost my mind. I blame dummy dots for mind control. 




yeah, but what a way to go!!!!!!!!!!! you have some great-looking baits for Erie's central basin. I am a lover of anything that has purple on it. I started drift fishing in the western basin then switched to trolling until I had a chance to go out on a charter for 2 days on the central basin. the second day the caption had taught us enough to run 3 dipsy divers on each side. We used the deeper divers until we tried the lite bite slide divers. but we run them like the Dipsey divers with a 7' fluro leader and don't use the slide part. but the lite bite feature works awesome for us.



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Ya, I got the bug. I am used to putting the boat away after the fall LOC ends. I am considering storing it in Ohio for 6 months and extend my season. 

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On 12/4/2023 at 8:36 AM, Gill-T said:

You might be a redneck if you fillet walleye off the back of a truck at a motel 6 while using an extension cord to charge your boat batteries 




been there and done similar back in the 1st few years fishing Erie;s western basin out of a van and filleting our fish in the parking lot where we spent our nights.

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