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Fished out of Olcott yesterday and had a pretty awesome day. Set up in 100ft and worked out to 300ft. The best water was between 230-250 with a northeast troll past the plant. Lines were from 100 to 50ft down. Had 45 degree water at 100, speed, 2.5- 2.8 on average at the ball. Every rod took fish! Took all kings and steelhead from big to small. The biggest king came on a meat rig, 12" uv silver, green pro troll. (Forgot the name of if) with an atomic stud rig. The best spoon of the day was any version of wonder bread. (Reg, UV, Burnt). The big steelies like the UV two face with a green crinkle flash fly combo on the dipsey 225' back. The kids stayed busy!  Took over 20 fish, they honestly lost count. Lol 😁







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