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Went out for a few hours this morning from 6am till 10:30am. Fished 160 - 320 fow. We had a slower day today as we finished 4 for 8. All fish were caught in 180-210 fow at 55 to 75 down. Ended up with 3 steelhead and one 8-10lb king. Lost a really big king about 40 feet away from the boat on the surface as the spoon popped.IMG_20230704_100611588_HDR.thumb.jpg.7b6ce22a8097787f365c9857dadfa847.jpg Kinda bummed out about it but that's fishing. Happy 4th everyone!!!!

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Thanks for the report...

Similar last night for me. About 200 to 230 fow .. couple steelhead and smaller kings with one good one. 

Meat rig has been the ticket for the bigger kings .. 175 ft of wire #1 dipsey on 2 setting..

Steelhead on spoons 50 down.

Happy 4th!! Hope to get out tomorrow morning 


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Fished last night 7/3 4-830

started 120 fow immediately with a small king on dipsy w spin dr and meat. Followed with a small bow on 200 weight steel orange/silver spoon then slow


moved out to 250 fow for an hr with very scattered mark but no takers. Ran back into 120-140. Lost track of number of small kings and knock offs or dipsy rips from 630-830pm hoping for a nice one that never came. Nothing on riggers until after 7pm.  


dipsy on 2 setting out 150-175
green spin with meat

zero on flies

Green/silver and  Black/purple spoons 

riggers 50-80 down 


hope this helps someone 


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We fished off the can from 80-160', riggers parked at 70 and 80, 240 on the #2 1/2 high wire, 130 on the #1 1/2 mag wire, and free sliders for steelhead. We ran all mag spoons (except SS orange for steelies), with a mix of Stingers, Warriors, and Moonshine in various patterns combining black and green lol. I didn't keep precise track of our hits, but probably 15 or so, with half of them resulting in fish to the boat. In other words, a bunch of there and gone strikes. Nothing over 15 lbs...one really nice 10+ steelhead...not as many dinks today as Sunday. 


Great day to be on the water, and the flies weren't out of control, so.,..bonus.

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