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out of i bay late 2pm fished till 7:30pm   started out in 125' water found high forties temp down 90" but the temps were all over varying 10 degrees warmer at that depth when trolling it was changing radically from min to min. so I decided to pick up shot out too 300' of water found temp 45 degrees at 85" down milled around no releases slid into the 160 range found temp 44.5-49 degrees at 100' down went 4 for for on kings and one nice brown about 9lb nothing really big kings averaged about 14 to 18lb's all fish caught with a special request lure from           REEL RAGE PICTERED BELOW

20230719_184846 (2).jpg

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Thanks for the info. Last weekend on Sunday between 3pm and 6pm I managed 3 fish in 80 feet of water, down 60 (2 kings and 1 big brown) all on the same NBK (between 80 and 150 fow I was able to see the thermocline on the graph). On Sat, I went out, dropped the gear, and figured I would let the massive storm go between me and shore. That ended up blowing up big so I pulled the gear in less than 1 hour and was back at the dock. When fuel is $5.28 a gallon and you burn 1 gallon a mile knowing how deep you need to be is very good knowledge. Off Ibay and Rochester takes forever to get to 400 - 600 feet of water and when you are fishing solo 10 to 15 miles out and if you don't need to run all the way out that makes for a great day. This weekend is another opportunity for all of us. 

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