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Did ok in Mexico bay this morning

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Nice! We are in Oswego now. Got out today for the afternoon. Went out to the 550 area and trolled back in. Picked up onw

juvenile. Did not mark much bait

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I went out solo on Thursday, waited till 7 Orr the weather service advisory for clearing. NOT. Dodged thunderstorms  and waterspouts for an hour then it started to clear. Went out to 190 first thing  not much on the sonar temp was 50 at 91 ft   worked my way in shallower and at 140 ft if water off the dunes the temp was 42 at 91 ft  started marking bait and fish. Had a good one on for 5 minutes, hook pulled. Got a look at her , in the low 20 ‘s   Landed a skippy and that was it for me. Stayed out till 3:30  getting too old for this solo stuff 😝 



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Fished Wednesday afternoon  in front of big river 140- 300 FOW. Didn’t move a rod. Didn’t mark many . Thursday morning, I fished 115-140 FOW . Riggers parked at 110 and 100 ft with spoons. Took 2 kings and one tiny brown . Boy, fishing is slow . 




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