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Sodus 8/23 AM - Crazy Morning

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After exactly three weeks of no fishing and a good wave report for Wednesday I couldn’t wait to fish! A great Sodus Bay sunrise and a perfect lake set up was right there! After reading the temp reports from along the south shore I went straight north to about 175’ and set some lines deep but didn’t drop the probe. Went to about 250 not seeing much, brought ball up from 100 down and it was warm to the touch. Dropped the probe and the down temp was very close to surface temp all the way down to just over 100’. By 300 temp at 125 was down to low 50’s and it was on! From about 330ish to 470ish I couldn’t keep rods set, pretty much had fish on for hours.

Direction of troll didn’t matter, color of spoons was anything. Speed was 2.6 to 2.8. Zero flasher fly hits, all spoons and plugs. 280, 300 and 330 on the wire dipsy rods and 122 on the riggers. 

Ended up landing 9, losing 2. One was a swivel failure and one was snapped line on the down rigger release, fish hit and took off and snap!

I am pretty sure it’s the only time I had two nets with me, I brought a smaller one because my big one is tough to use solo. Ended up using both nets because couldn’t get fish out of net before other rods fired.

Just a crazy morning!

Good Luck

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Thanks Mike!

It was my 7th trip in what I would call a challenging year with the weather and waves! The fishing overall has been good when the lake allows it!

Its all about getting the right day!

Good Luck

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