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Yankee on Oneida Lake - November 12th

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We beat up the Oneida Lake Walleye population this morning! Prior to the trip I asked them their preferred fishing presentation, and they asked to troll. So that's what we set up for.
We trolled 16-18' most of the morning trying to keep our baits in that 10-12' range. It was almost impossible to keep 8 rods in. Our furthest two boards on each side pulled Bay Rat Short Shallows back 100' on 20lb braid. The two inside boards on each side pulled Deep Husky Jerk 10's and #9 Flicker Minnows back 45' on 10lb mono. Our best colors imitated Perch.
For the last couple of hours we slid out into deeper water looking for some bigger fish. We targeted 30+' of water and grabbed a couple nice Walleye, and a stud 4.7lb Smallmouth Bass. The deep water program was 85' back on the braid rods, and 85' back on the mono rods with 2oz drop weights. #9 Flicker Minnows on one side, and #10 Deep Husky Jerks on the other.
That's it for a few weeks! If weather allows we'll try to get out in early December if anyone's interested.
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That’s awesome, thanks for the report! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one still with the boat on call.  Going out Friday or Saturday wind permitting probably along the North shore in Constantia.

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