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1990 Sea Nymph Gls195 Floor Removal


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Decided my winter project would be to remove the floor panels and recover with vinyl as well as change the original fuel hoses and possibly the bilge and livewell hoses. The floor is remarkably solid except for the center panel over the fuel tank. I replaced the floor in my 24' Crestliner Sabre years ago and that was cake compared to this PITA. I am just realizing the floor panels go under the splashwell. Does any former or current Gls195 owners have any knowledge as to how to get the panels out?

Thanks in advance.

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Mine were riveted to the cross sections with the sides bent upward behind the side walls. I replaced mine (2) sections one in each side of the gas center cover. I took out the back row seating mounts.  Used Nautylex flooring material. There’s a couple long threads on rebuilds a few years ago on here. Do a search and I’m sure you’ll find some good info. Good luck on your project. 

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