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Cayuga 2/7/24

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First day out for 2024. Launched out of Treman. Two of the launch ramps are closed as they appear to be rebuilding the lower portions of the docks.  Plenty of water to launch and canal was clear of ice.  Started In close looking for browns with boards and stick baits.   Caught the biggest smallmouth that I have ever seen.  Picked up a laker in close as well. Moved out into 100-120 fow after about two hours.  Picked up about a dozen small lakers 90’ down.  Great day on the water. Surface temp was 40.5 and down 90 was 40.5. Saw two other boats. Talked to one of them and they also caught small lakers and a couple 8” landlocked. 

Anybody been out of Sodus?

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I was thinking about a trip on Cayuga for LL"s in the next week or so. Haven't heard anything out of Sodus but a couple of charters are chirping about slamming Browns out of Mexico. Most are small 3lb last falls stocking but every once and a while they hit a decent fish and post it all over the internet.

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Hey @Biker19! It's understandable to feel disappointed about missing out on a close-up view of the Statue of Liberty. That would've been a truly memorable moment!
While sail-bys are indeed rare, there are countless other top experiences to look forward to on your trip aboard the Odyssey of the Seas.
From exploring beautiful islands to enjoying onboard activities and entertainment, there's no shortage of adventures waiting to be had. While Northstar may not go up inside the harbor, there are still plenty of opportunities to soak in the stunning views and create lasting memories.

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