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Special thanks to Missdemeanor for some advice was my 1st time trolling Lake O. Solo trip for 2.5 hours. Went 7 for 9. All 3.75 Super Slims in Green Veggies, Watermelon, and green/chrome. 15 fow. 2X I set out lines and hooked up within 50' of the boat, well before I could get out 100' and get a planer on. They were very aggressive ! I actually trolled for 2 hrs, 9 hookups = every 13 minute. I would fight, land, reset lines and within 5 minutes hooked up again. Barely enough time to enjoy a cigarette and coffee 😂. Very hard to get out in a 14' aluminum unless the waves/wind are low. Was a great experience. Hardest part about solo is maintaining boat speed, fighting and netting by myself, watching boards & finder, keeping boat straight. After 2 hrs, the wet & cold, I was satisfied, tired and called it lol. 





Screenshot_20240303_075602_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20240303_075434_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20240303_080101_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20240303_075737_Video Player.jpg

Screenshot_20240303_075843_Video Player.jpg

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