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Solo salmon setup

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I don't know the fishing regs in Canada but using downriggers you can double your baits using cheaters on each rod. Running four baits you'll be able to cover four depths. 

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A cheater should be legal, if one or both lures are spoons. 


Ontario regulations :"Two lines may be used when angling from a boat in parts of the Great Lakes and for ice fshing in many areas. A fshing line must not have more than four hooks atached."


Hook – A hook includes a single-pointed or
multiple-pointed hook on a common shaft but
does not include a snagger or spring gaff. The
number of hooks includes any single-pointed or
multiple-pointed hooks that are part of a lure.


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5 hours ago, fisherman21 said:

I would run one down rigger with a cheater and one dipsy. Whatever is hot you can just switch it up 

Sounds good. Thanks. Stick to a dipsey is spring, or use a planer board instead ?

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Steering is the biggest problem when going solo.  I assume you have a smaller boat with manual steering.  Only using 1 planner and to a smaller extent, one dipsey will pull you boat to that side.  Best to run a pair to balance things out.  Going solo 99% of the time I used 2 riggers most of time.  

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