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3 line setup for brown trout

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I’ll be fishing solo this spring while my buddy rehabs his shoulder so I’m limited to a 3 rod setup.  I rarely do well with this when fishing alone and am wondering if my lines are spread too far from each other with a planer on each side and one slider off one side a few feet.  I’m wondering if it’s better to run 3 off one side to mimic a school.  Or tighten my spread a little. Any recommendations?

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In shallow water it usually is a bit tricky with only 3 lines.

As the boat goes over the quite close bottom the fish tend to move sideways away from perceived danger of a big dark thing just above them. This makes the straight line behind the boat less succesful, unless it is a long way behind the boat. Trolling in a curve, so that the lines go to the side of the boat instead of right behind does help. I often work with small dipsy divers on a 3 setting to get the lures away to the side of the boat

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I’ve been experimenting with different setups each time out and have caught fish each time.  So far it is one rod that takes the most hits on each trip. One day it was a planer board flat line with crank bait, next time was a 1 color with a spoon, and last time out was the downrigger but over deeper water which makes sense.  The one constant is that I have been running every line on one side of the boat instead of spreading them over a larger area.

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