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Owasco High wind, mixed bag

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Took the day Friday to get the weekend started, had high expectations,  as the weather was wonderful.....but other than some non targeted toothy critters and a couple lakers, the temp left my area and so did the fish......washed lures all day to no avail.....came across a school of stripes before dark and got a few but even they were tight lipped.  Saturday started with crazy wind that only got worse as the day went on......whats new.........by noon, only had a couple rips, one nice brown that broke us at the net. Took a break and went back out solo in winds definitely blowing 20, kept searching and finally found a seam with 47 degree water that increased to 49..........2 of my 3 rods went off....found the spot that was about a 10 minute troll in that wind. Small pocket of temp that held, browns, bullhead, rainbows, pike, and lakers. Great fish of the day was a huge pike, hell of a fight, thought it was a huge brown as it took long runs,  swallowed my stick, was careful to get it out and she released great. Silvers were steady, but average, and lakers small to medium. Bullheads were a great suprise, truly a mixed bag, boat control tough, even with a trolling motor, I found myself picking up, motoring back and short trolling the pocket. Firetiger was a great color, but blk/silver still good. Pulled the boat Saturday evening as I was exhausted, wind burnt and had to install a new bilge pump.  I'm sure it would've been epic today and i hope folks did well. I took a walk for some heads instead and got blessed with a beauty! Great end to the weekend. Tight lines.








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Yes, arrowheads, sorry bout that.  Cheese, rivers, steams and lakes were there roadways of migration, trade and settlement.  I look for confluence of creeks or where a creek meets a river.....if an adjacent field is tilled and I can get permission,  I will walk it......sometimes it can be a bust......and sometimes you can find something that was made by another human thousands of years ago.....it's like getting a big fish, .......great exercise too.

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