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Subtroll 900 down speed problem.


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Just checking to see if any of you guys have ever had this type of problem.

When we drop the probe down the speed and temp work great. After maybe 10 to 15 minutes or sometimes longer the speed will drop down to 0. If we bring it back up and then drop it back down it will work again for a while. The temp does not change while the probe is down.

We checked the paddle, cable, connections, changed the battery, reinsulated the cable connection and could not get it solved. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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I've had a sub-troll for some time now and have NOT had just the speed drop without a weed or some thing blocking the paddle. I'd call them up and see what they think. I mean sounds like you have done every thing to fix it.

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1st: Is your release above the probe?

2nd: Does the same thing happen no matter which direction you're trolling?

2nd A : Make sure your cable has enough weight on it. If blowback is too great the unit will tip and you won't get a good speed reading.

3rd: What brand of battery are you using? Some batteries don't work worth a [email protected] after they get too cold.

4th: Call Moor.

Tom B.


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Is your pod or module mounted with the factory bracket and rubber washers between the pod and the bracket then the thumbscrew? If not you could get excessive vibration inside the pod weakening solder connections inside.

Many guys use the Black's release connected to the cable, cable through a thimble (steel type not SS type) when making insulated tape connection attach weight to snap so metal to metal contact is made for sure since you are a hanging a 10 lb ball from the snap. When using Scotch® Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C, you actually attach the tape upside down or inside out if you know what I mean, not straight off the roll as would think, but upside down. Stretching it & pulling it tight, it will turn gray, then you overlap it half way on top of itself cover your exposed cable until your wrapped up tight.

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I have this unit and had this same problem last year. I did everything u have and more!! I found that when I set the pole and reel down that it lifts the probe to a weird angle. Try to find the right tension B4 it pulls the ball up, This worked for me. (My probe is on the side rigger)

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1. No

2. Yes

2A. We use a 15lb shark

3. Using Energizer Industrial batteries

4. Just talked to them, they want the probe for testing.


Used everything from the factory when we mounted it.

We have the cable hooked direct to the probe. No release. This unit worked

flawlessly for the last 4 yrs.


I actually had the probe down 4-5 ft last weekend and could watch

the speed drop off and the paddle didn't change. No lines attached.

Guess I will send the probe in for testing.

I will keep you guys posted on what we find.

Thanks again.

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Is there a small probe that will give you the water temperature, and even better the dissolved oxygen levels of the water the probe is set at? I really do not care about the speed. My cable blowback shows me how fast I am travelling.

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