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One of my buddies isn't feeling well and can't make the trip this weekend so I have an open seat for Saturday and Sunday out of wilson.  I have a house rented right on the lake for tonight and Saturday night if you would need a place to stay.  Could actually take up to 2 guys.  I have a 30ft Boston Whaler Conquest.  Message me if you are interested. 

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I don't think you should be calling yourself a rookie if you drive a 30 foot Boston whaler conquest,,,that might be just a few steps above,,lol,,,wish I could join you but can't,,,good luck

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Fishing was pretty slow.  Got chased off the lake by thunderstorms Saturday morning and fog was horrible on Sunday.  We caught a bunch of steelhead but only 1 decent king and a couple smalls.

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I fished Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday. Thursday ran to oak and only got 7 so the rest of the stayed in wilson ended up getting limit Friday and Sunday Saturday was short with the weather fished 350 to 400 about 2 miles east of wilson









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