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Fish Hawk TD

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My Fish Hawk sold with my boat a week or so ago so quickly rigging a different boat to keep fishing.

Bought a FH TD

Just wondered if anybody uses one and any tips on it

Best way just to find temp, on rigger or drop on rod etc

Seems simple, just want to find the cold water depth with it

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I run it down on a rigger on "TEMP" mode before setting up.  I'll run it deeper than I think I'll need just to see the whole temp profile.  It will show temp every 5' of depth.


When set to "DEPTH" mode, you can test the depth of other lines like dipseys, lead, copper, etc.  Make sure you are running straight at your desired speed and that the line you are checking has been out for a while.  Start the TD, clip it on and let it go for a ride.  A couple of minutes later, pull that line in and check what the max depth was.  It is not meant to run on your line the whole time.  I'll check a line when I'm ready to pull it in anyway for a lure change or whatever.

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I would only add that you can use a small rod with 6-8lb test and clip that rod to the FH TD for retrieval. So clip the FH TD on the dipsy rod line then clip the small rod on to the FH and send it to the dipsy and reel it back in.

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