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  1. A 300' copper will get you in that range as well. I measured 60' down with the Fishhawk TD on a 300 copper pulling a spoon at 2.5mph.
  2. My favorite walleye technique is a bottom bouncer with a crawler harness (spinner with 1-3 hooks to hold the nightcrawler). My son and I did a drive-in walleye trip for his high school graduation present and that was pretty much all we used. We caught over 200 walleye that week. 1.5 to 2oz bottom bouncer, depending on depth, and a hammered brass crawler harness is my go-to. Good luck!
  3. As someone else mentioned, you should try backing up a fairly steep hill. That should activate the brakes. If your driveway / garage are fairly level, you probably aren't exerting enough force on the tongue to get the brakes to work. I've also had them engage and then not disengage when hitting the brakes hard while heading downhill. Had to really punch it to get the brakes to let go!
  4. Great job, from a fellow VTer! Sounds like you had a good day. Definitely seeing a lack of bigger browns, though. I hope to get out there in the next few weeks.
  5. Can you fix the "clickers", as well? I've got a bunch of old Tritons and several of them have dead clickers.
  6. I've used the Downeast clamp ons for planer boards on my 14'. I had to flip it over and put the clamp on the outside of the boat to get it near vertical, but it worked perfect.
  7. Hey Hookedup. Would you separate them? I'm interested in the verticals. What colors are they? Thanks!
  8. The shape of the bill and the eye look like a Rebel to me. Found this on ebay that is close, but jointed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/202637568318?var=502714663520&hash=item2f2e23e93e:g:YmIAAOSwVr9hHCWI
  9. That's what I was thinking, Kevin.
  10. Nice job, Scalloper! Glad you were able to salvage your trip with the drive west! I'm planning on going over on 8/26, staying until probably 9/1 in the Pulaski area. Hopefully the East end has picked up by then. Also, my wife can't even sit in the boat for 4hrs .... let alone all day for a week AND driving 5hrs a day to do it!!
  11. I thought I might have one for you, but I must have thrown it out. I replaced the fuel fill line and fitting / cap last year on my 1983 191CC. Thought I might have held onto the cap but I can't find it. I would try a cap for any other 1.5" fuel fill and see. The threads could very well be the same. Good luck!
  12. Super G - I don't have any experience with adding snap weights to copper, but I personally would put the weight on the backer just past the copper connection. As far as your setup, you'll have the riggers, then the dipseys, then the copper ... as you get further from the boat. Put the dipseys in rod holders that point straight out from the side of the boat, with rods that are long enough to clear the riggers. Put the dipseys on a 2 or 3 setting to get them away from the boat (and your riggers). Good luck!
  13. That's the week I'm usually there. There could be fish at the mouth, but we usually do better out in 60-100' of water. Flasher / fly and flasher / meat get the most hits for us. Wire dipsey's and riggers get most of the hits. We sometimes pick up a couple with spoons on copper, as well. It is fun catching a screamer on a J-plug in 10' of water right in front of the river, though!
  14. I go over every year the first week of September to fish with a buddy of mine out of the Salmon River. We usually do pretty well, catching ~25-40 salmon in 5 or 6 days of fishing. It depends on the year, but I would target a little earlier in the month than you are planning (or back into August) if at all possible. It all depends on the weather, though. If August / September are really dry, it seems like the fish hang out in the lake longer waiting for some rain to draw them into the rivers. But 1 good blow could send them all up at once. You just never know.
  15. Nice! Glad you found some fish. Sounds like it's been pretty tough this year.
  16. I like the 8'3" light action Ugly Stiks. They work great for everything here on Champlain, and for the browns on Lake O. Anything in the 8' - 9' range and light to medium/light action will work. They are more fun to catch on lighter tackle.
  17. Hi Fishin ... I've got a friend who is interested. He's not on here, but if I could get a phone # I'll pass it along. Thanks!
  18. Our best days seem to be when waves are in the 1-2' range. Flat calm can be slow and 4'+ just isn't fun. I think the 1-2's are best because the light gets broken up AND we can still go wherever we want so can work good water consistently. My buddy just sent me pics of a 30lber he caught in front of the big river earlier this week. I'll be joining him this Friday for a week of fishing. Can't wait! Good luck everyone! Hoping things turn on soon.
  19. Awesome video! You guys had a hell of a day.
  20. Check the action, and if it looks decent I'd keep it in the water. Obviously they want it!!
  21. I'm running Tuf-Line Microlead and have checked it with my Fishhawk TD. At 2.5mph it sinks 5' per color, or 25' for 5 colors. I haven't checked any other speeds, though.
  22. I really like my Cisco's. Very rugged, no plastic. My buddy has several Cannon ratcheting rod holders and has had no issues with those, either.
  23. This is what I would try. Put a bend in the back fin that will pull your outside riggers further to their respective sides. It doesn't take much. Also, don't try putting the center rigger down deeper than the the other 2 unless you put it down first. Good luck!
  24. Good to hear that I'm useful for something ... even if it is just spending someone else's money! Good luck with it.
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