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Started out in front of the bay in 115fow worked out to 230 before the first hit. Out fishing with my wife and two boys 7 and 4 years old. First fish hit wire out 300ft on 2.5 setting pulling a white double crush glow spinny and mariage fly. Both boys helped battle the king witch I thought was bigger 7lb. turned around and put out another wire with same spinny but with a green edge and hammer fly, almost to the same waypoint and hammered the second and last king of the night, my best this year on the scale btw 19 and 20lbs. everyone in the boat took turns fighting it while I cleared lines covered in fleas. Hit the last fish at 7:30pm. The Kids had enough by then and were super excited to see that big king in the boat. We had a NE wind out there with 1to2ft waves, nice salmon chop, but a little nerve racking with two young boys. Hopefully we have a good summer program setting up, the fish are out pretty far though. No down speed or temp, SOG 2.4-3.0. Watch out there two new salmon fisherchildren on the lake. Bill


(add pictures and any other details not captured above here)

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Thanks for the report Bill,

It gives us a good depth starting point for tomorrow morning.

I'm glad to hear your whole family got a piece of the action!!!

- Chris

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I was out there with you Bill....I started out at 130 and worked out to 220 just west of you. First hit was at 199 on green/yellow SD with white fly. Second on black Dalmation SD and green fly. both teens. Flees are bad, luckily I have flee flicker on all poles but one......I will be changing that reel today.....that was annoying having only that one pole loading with flees.

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