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The day before I made the call to go to Olcott instead, thinking the west wind being the least out of olcott as it would build the rest of the way down the lake towards sandy. So instead of fishing off Sandy at 6 am I had them follow me out to Olcott wasting some of the morning but hopefully gaining some better wave conditions and better fishing conditions.

Dropped the Boat in around 7 and headed out of the pier heads to find 3-4s steady out of the west with the occasional 5 in the mix. Decided to motor into em on an angle out to 100 fow and start trolling into them. Set lines at 730, and It didnt take long till we were hooked up!! Only fished for a little over 3 hours boating 9 fish and missing just as many, some short hits, some throwin the hook. Due to the waves I could only safely run 2 wires and 3 riggers. We picked up at 11 to allow time to get the boat on the trailer and clean fish. Ended the day with a nice box of fish including 3 double headers on big steelhead and big kings! Big steelhead around 10# and biggest King at the 20# mark.

Jeff and his son were great company and are on the tail end of their journey of a lifetime!! The groundhog day like schedule they have is definatly tiring them out. This whole story of a father and son fishing 50 days in 50 states on 50 different bodies of water. A true bonding experience for a father and son, check out their website http://www.fish5050.com he updates it shortly after each state and has a GPS tracker where you can see them traveling up to the minute. There is going to be a write up in next sundays D+C written by Leo Roth so keep an eye out for that. Pictures and Video are up on his website as Fishinman has pointed out.

http://www.fish5050.com/New%20York.html This is the link from our day on the water

Thanks for all the congrats guys. 8)

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