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Were are the Conesus Walleyes?


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So we were at Conesus jigging for walleyes last week. And had no luck finding any nice eyes! Do we have to fish after dark? Are guys trolling or casting? Any help here would be cool! The trip wasn't a total loss though. Look at this monster bass Wendy caught on her Pink Pflueger spooled with 8lb mono!


She will be mad at me because of the bad hair day....... But look at the fish. 20" 14.5" girth my scale reald only 4.3lbs but I think it was more.

Foiled by the pink pfuleger again! :lol:

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To be honest with you haven't been down there since june 1st, I hate the pleasure guys ripping right next to you when you are trying to fish.

I like to fish in may and after dark. I troll with floating raps in 5-10fow. What i have also been told is that the eyes with the warmer water and obviously more sun head to the deeper holes in the daylight hours. Try trolling with core, snap weights, deep diving raps or even some riggers to get raps or husky jerks down there. hopefully you pick one up and if you don't lots of pike and tigers to keep you busy!

good luck!

ps the spring was killer on that lake. For some reason i don't catch a lot of eyes on that lake but one to two 8lbers a night will keep ya coming back. :yes:

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surprized I've not heard mention of dypsies or jet divers. do people not use them on conesus deep summer 'eyes?

separate idea: one thing I like to do to is to use the trolling motor (not a kicker- the 24v kind) and lash the pedal with velcro to hold it straight ahead, set it to constant on and use the big motor to steer. keeps a nice slow (1.5ish depending on setting and wind direction) speed for dragging worm harnesses or even reef runners at the right pace while doing it quietly.

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the two i picked up a couple weeks ago were on the east shore different areas but i was trying to hold the weedline (about 15 feet) with worm harnesses with a couple of split shots on them approximatly .8 mph as my speedo on the depth finder isnt working but basicaly just in gear with my kicker motor. green seemed to be the color for mid day. tried the same thing with the horrible weather this past saturday with no luck.

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