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OK guys, pride be damned, I need some help. Heading out of the Genny tomorrow with the family around 6 am. Been out 6-7 times since spring and not a sniff. Also 3-4 last fall and same results. I am looking for colors, depth and speeds.

Here is what I have: FF,Riggers, Planers, a couple Dipsys and Spin Dr's, various flys and squids. Lots of spoons but only a few recent ones. I do have a few various NK's, a couple Blue Dolphin DW, Glo Monkey PK. Older stuff like Northport Nailers,Flutter Spoons,etc all various colors. Plenty of J-Plugs!

Here is what I don't have: Down Temp, Copper or LeadCore, and TIME! It is getting increasingly difficult keeping the kids interested.

I know everything I have asked has been offered in many posts which I have followed faithfully with no luck.

Thanks, any help is appreciated!

If anyone wants to give me a shout,

24' All White Crestliner HT

Shakemsam on CH#16

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THey have been doing good on kings and the occasional trout right off the pierheads and in the lower river. J-plugs in silver and green glow have been good. Further offshore has been very slow and unstable because of the wind.

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If I were you I would put Down 2 # 4 J plugs Glo green ladders 125 back riggers 15 ft - 20 ft off bottom in 25 -50 - then as sun comes up us silver bullutts w/ or wo red head . 4 poles max . as sun comes up fish head for bottom & to me you need to have one or two, NOT all close to bottom so keep a n eye on depth. Slow S turns 2-2.5 . Look for fish on bottom as morn progresses & stay on them . Good luck. KISS.

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Run j-plugs off of your boards or just flat-lines. Stick with silver, glow greens and more silver and glow greens. Put a couple splitshot about 5 ft in front. Let them out 50-75 ft behind. Put them on your riggers and vary them 5-10 ft down depending on depth of water. If you are short on time i would take the family out the last 11/2 before dark. Stick within 200 yards of the piers. Trolling speed 2.3-2.7 sog. As the sun goes down the kings that are very fickle this time of year(for many reasons) will often lightup the last 20 min before dark. You will catch them!

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