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seneca 10/20


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fished south end of the lake today ended up going 12 for 12. 7 for 7 on landlocks and 5 for 5 on lakers. all fish were decent quality no marks, fat and healthy. all fish but one came on big weenie flys that im testing for them for the 2010 season. corn bread, collard greens, killer yellow, and aggravated frog. i just stayed in one area worked it all day.

im not giving up the spot because ill be there again fishing tomorrow.


new aggravated frog


new corn bread

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Hi Jason,

I was out there today in the Trophy with dual Honda 90's and we exchanged a few words about catching fish. I fish the south end a lot and have hit the salmon pretty hard this year and the lakers a little, from time to time. I like fishing for the LL as they are better to eat I think, and more fun to catch. I will be in your secret spot in the AM and dragging something yellow for sure. Maybe I will see you in the AM.

I have been away from NY for more than 20 years, but used to fish Seneca hard in my youth with solid copper wire and slaughtered the lakers on Phluger 4's converted to a # 5 hook, in the spring, and then switched to black Twin Minnows throughout the summer and fall, around Peach Orchard Point. We fished the Phlugers without leader and the Twin Minnows with about 20 feet of 20#Leader.

I have had to learn to fish all over again, but I have caught a few lakers bouncing the bottom in the old fashioned way. Now I have all the bells and whistles with down riggers and dipseys and cannot say that I catch as many fish as I used to, and certainly not as many big fish as I used to.

I took a lot of foolish chances with a 14 foot Old Town cedar lapstrake boat and and an old 12 HP outboard, and caught the most fish when the lake was rolling 4 footers. A lot of the fish I used to catch in the 70's had " Lampers" on them and the lake was full of smelt as well as saw bellys. I think Seneca if still full of fish and also contains big lakers but no one fishes the bottom any more the way we used to. I see the big guys all the time on the bottom in 100+ feet of water on my fish finder but don't bother fishing for them. I suspect that the method of fishing in the modern world does not get down on the bottom in a 135 feet of water where the big guys are. I know they are there but do not move around much chasing spoons and flys.



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You were right when you said 3 weeks ago there was still plenty of good fishing ahead. Sounds like the fish are refilling post-spawn. With school on and the weather cooler, my crew has bailed on me, so now I'm looking for red meat in my free time; not really that bad of a predicament.

Can I ask you about the Weenies?

Do you run them off riggers, copper, or drop them down with dipseys? Are they a seasonal lure, or effective trolling throughout the year?


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fished seneca again today with rabbit and kremer01 we went 9 for 10 2 lakers and 7 landlocks. lakers came on the wire 240 silver e chip and big weenie bone yoguler fly, and a mt dew big weenie flasher and a aggravated frog fly. all landlocks came off cheater, mixed veggie lure from warrior spoons. all the fish that was at the salt plant have moved. so we spent most of the day in search mode. picking away at the landlocks.

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Jason and others,

I fished the South end again today. One small salmon on a green spoon on the wire with a dipsey. Along toward dark I found the fish again about half way between the Salt Company point and the south end of the lake in about 120 FOW. I have never in my life seen so many fish and bait balls in one area on Seneca. It was if you could get out of the boat and walk on them for a mile or so, and they were in the entire water column from 30 feet to 140 or so. But, they were not biting for me and I tried just about everything before it got too dark to fish. Also, I marked a lot of smaller fish today at the 10-15 foot level for the first time this fall. I am going to fish for those guys tomorrow as they may be Rainbows as the surface temp is now about 53 degrees.



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