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killing the Dead River

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I want to get the word out as much as possible about an issue we are having in the U P. A dam is proposed on the Dead River, this dam will destroy spawning habitat, the few Cohos we have are all wild spawning, no stockers. I moved here one year ago and I love it. I know this is about Lake Superior on a Lake Ontario site, but any suggestions on defeating the damming will be appreciated, so no matter where we live we can visit and enjoy fishing. Our license fees Paid for the incredible fishery we enjoy on the Great Lakes. With all the threats, invasive species etc, we cannot afford to give up any habitat. It has been proven that wind power produces more and less expensive power than a dam, but some want a lake. Thanks, Andrew Norris

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Some on this board that want to be heard on different issues get a petition going. I would think one of those guys that have done it before will chime in with some advice.

Good luck. :yes:


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This site is about all waters we share. Get some petitions going and I'm sure the guys on the site would be more than willing to help. Personally I'm willing to do whatever I can to protect naturally reproducing fish in any state or country. Good luck, and keep us informed.

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Fishound - Do some homework on why it shouldn't be dammed. There's lots of literature on the internet about how removing dams is good for aquatic life. It's been helping on the Canadian side of Big-O as well as in California & up in New England. There's a big movement to remove dams nation-wide. Write up a couple paragraphs with reasons for you position. Go to www.petitiononline.com. Start a free petition. Post the petition site on as many fishing sites as you can find, (LOU, Greatlakesfisherman, greatlakesangler, EducatedAngler, Spoonpullers, Salmoncrazy and many more) and ask for support. When you get a bunch of signatures, print it off and send copies to your representatives, conservation clubs, Dept of Nat Resources etc with a letter explaining what its all about. On the petition, allow members to comment and post email addresses if they want.

Good Luck,

Tom B.


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