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30 yrs of stuff.............

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I will take 1 picture of YOU 30+ years ago so my kid can take it to show & tell (proving an evolution therory they teach now)




PS please waist up pic.

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NOOOOO after all i only piad a couple bucks a reel (my story)

Be careful Ray, I used that line to but I was away one day my brother in law came to visit from upstate N.Y and wanted to see my boat. The wife took him to the shop to show him. I have been in the dog house ever since. :devil::devil:


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Ray, I am hoping that your wife is around when we ask for prices. She will never let you sell a rod and reel combo for more than $10 because that would be $8 more than you told her you paid for it. Hey guy's I am thinking this may work for us. Black mail for lower prices ha ha ha... Ummm I am glad I am not selling anything lol.

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