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Fished with my younger daughter this morning.... not fast and furious, but good company.... the graph was full of fish from 65 to 75 fow from 1 mile E of Wilson to 4 mi W. We took 2 kings on 2 hits..... white sd with green krinkle fly 140 out on a wire diver, and 60 down on a savant spook...... nice day, but not real productive for us......



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Thanks Scott / Skip / Steve ...... She kind of saved the day. I was looking for a fishing partner for Sunday, and she volunteered! I think she's gonna twist my arm to fish the Friday pre-fish tourney at the Niagara Pro-AM... Maybe her older sister will join us too. I hear school's optional on that day if you have a good excuse ;) .

YT..... The screen on Sunday was amazing...... full of fish for miles and hours. If everything goes right, we'll make another attempt down there this weekend....

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