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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves:1 to 2

Surface Temp:68






Total Hits:lost count

Total Boated:around 20

Species Breakdown:kings,steelhead,lakers,coho's

Hot Lure:just about everything to a hit

Trolling Speed:2.9-3.5

Down Speed:probe didn't work

Boat Depth:110-290

Lure Depth:50-110


Great first two days out this year with boat. Headed out for a quick 2hr shake down Monday morning found fish from 140 to 240 boated a few steelhead and dropped a few to. Monday night we found some salmon right in front of the bay. Picked up a teen in 110 on a 230 dipsy then a bunch of little guys out to 240 and took a 12lb coho down 90 on a NBK. Worked out deeper and screen went blank worked back to our better water and picked up a 2 steelhead.

Tuesday got out early worked that 110 to 240 again best depth was 180 to 210. Lots of hits with no one home boated steelhead to 12lbs some little guys again and a nice 26lb king as the rain moved in and the transducer went bad for the second time in a year. After a trip to gander for a new transducer and a quick in the water replacement headed back out to check to make sure that fixed the problem and found fish from 110 to 190 kings and cohos. Really good two days lots of fish with out having to put hours on the water to get em longest trip was 5hrs. On a side note the channel has 3ft all the way.


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