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Cayuga Saturday June 26th

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Went out with my buddy and our girlfriends on Saturday. Fished from North end all the way south of Deans Cove. Did a little wine tour as well and hit 3 wineries to break up the fishing. Since my boat is in for repair, my buddy trailered his 26' pleasure boat and we rigged it up with two riggers and two extra rod holders. Fished one rigger down 90 and the other and 35 to chase after the Salmon and Rainbows. Also ran the divers out about 225 and 260 using flasher/fly. Ended up catching a small brown, a small rainbow, a bunch of small salmon, and then at least 6 or 8 nice Lakers.

About half way between Deans Cove and Thirsty Owl winery we hit two pig lakers both over 10 lbs in my opinion. We didn't have a scale with us but I'm fairly sure they wer in the 10-11 lb range. We also caught a few in the 7-8 lb range and a couple of 3-4 lbers.

Here is a double!


And my buddy's GF very excited.


And my catch of the day...


Do you think this fish was attacked while being dragged? Looks like something hit it and peeled some of his skin off.

P>S. All fish were released to fight another day...except that sawbelly...he was done.

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Hey maybe that is how I can get the wife to troll, mix in some wine touring! If she starts doing the Jimmy Houston lip lock on the lakers I might think twice. Great report, sounds like a lot of fun. Sure looks like something hit that little guy you were dragging?

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Great post. I strongly support the idea of using the wineries as navigational landmarks, not to mention that they must have a favorable effect on female's attitudes towards spending the day fishing! Good going :yes:

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