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Blood Trail

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Can anyone tell me if there is anything out there that can make seeing a blood trail any easier because I am red/green color blind and can't see blood on the ground to save my life.

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Bloodfinder of New Hampshire. It's the CSI stuff that makes blood glow. It only works in the dark, a moonlit night is not dark enough. When I got it last year, my buddy and I were messing around with it and sprayed our hunting clothes and it showed the blood from the previous year. I have used it in the woods and was pleased also.

I can see red like in our wool coats, gas cans, lights and other stuff but blood is a shade I really have trouble with on leaves. A coleman lantern really makes it stand out also if you don't order the other stuff.


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from past experience don't waste your money on the blood trailing lights ( the

green&red lens ones) they do nothing to enhance the blood.

the old style coleman lantern will work for helping reflect the blood ( use

aluminum foil to cover half of the lantern that faces you so your not blinded

by the direct light)

there are numerous spray/misting solutions on the market to aid in trailing

these are the ones that foam when contacting blood. Do not waste your $ on

a glorified blood trailing liquid, do they work? yes, do you need to pay $20.99

for 12-16 oz of some hunting branded product? NOPE!! Go to the dollar store

and buy several of the large bottles of hydrogen peroxide, pour them into a

clean spray bottle and for a couple bucks you have a great trailing aid, as the

peroxide foams when it comes in contact with blood even if its dried blood.

the other post advice given is the best advice so far, take someone that is

not color blind, following a blood trail is THE most important thing after the

shot. Its not something to try on your own if you have trouble with trailing,

I HATE tracking with more than one other person and rarely EVER take

someone with me but I also have several hundred blood trails under my belt.

The more people that you have with you the greater the chances of messing

up the trail, especially in the dark! This is especially critical IF you have a

marginal hit or just a weak blood trail. The more people there are the more

distractions to the lead tracker, if I am on a marginal trail I want to be and

need to be 100% focused on the trail and my surroundings.

there is more to look for than just blood, everything from broken twigs, corn

stalks, goldenrod, grasses, scuffed up leaves, distinctive hoof prints, body

secretions, etc. all evidence left behind by a wounded deer sometimes will

tell you about the shot placement and maybe a hint of what this deer will do

or where it will head to.

good luck.

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Go with the spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide it works ,spray it around when it hits blood it will foam up white just like on a cut when your bleeding.

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With all the coyotes around, you do not need to follow a blood trail. There will be bones left for you when you get to your deer. When the deer seasons were originally set , it was for gun hunters who could use the snow to aid in tracking deer, the bowhunters got their special seasons and now we have what we have. Maybe bowhunting should start after the gun season, not before.

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