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Seneca 5/7/11 and 5/8/11 with pics

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Decided at seven o'clock Saturday evening we would go out in front of Watkins for a few hours, It was a picture perfect night but only boated one Landlock on a spin doc and fly combo.... Got up bright and early Sunday morning and set up as we where coming out the canal we headed to the west side first and turned to come back to the east and hit a decent laker about 70 down in 130 fow as we headed back to the east we started picking up Landlocks on sticks and small spoons right on top off the boards .... As we continued up the east side it was non stop salmon action up the west side, No monsters but just quality healthy 3 pound lanlocks, every lanny must have jump 4 or 5 times putting on a dancing show ... We finished 14 for 16 and the weather was picture perfect ,couldn't have asked for a better day !!!!!! Sean ... Glad to see you back on the water...

P.S Its was great being out there with a bunch of great boats and friends that were all in the fish !! Awesome Day !!






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