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seneca 5/21

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kremer and i took a buddy from work out fishing today on seneca up to sampson.....fishing was hot and fast for the 1st couple of hrs then it slowed down....we moved to another section of the lake and triple up right away.....we ended going 15 for 15....10lb and a 8lb lakers was out biggest with a lot of 6 and 7 lbers....we took fish on pole dancer, lab dancer, dominator, green dot, sharkweek, and toxic shock.....


pole dancer big weenie fly


lap dance big weenie fly


pole dancer again.....

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Nice job jason! we struggled today managed to get a 7 lb laker down 49 over 85 on a mixed veggies spoon took 3 shots on a 3 color but couldnt keep em hooked oh well nice day on the water with the fam

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great day on the water. we missed a little bit of the good early bite due to the travel time to get to the lake, but made up for it a little bit with the move late to the other section. it was funny to watch jasons work buddy try to reel in lakers with the trolling gear, needless to say he is not used to the right hand wind. also loved when the rigger popped and we told him to grab it. he picks it out of the rod holder and starts setting the hook? we're like what are you doing? he says getting it out of the release...and we start rolling on the floor laughing. he says "what?" so we had to tell him it was already out of the release when it pops up. still in when it shakes, out when it pops. hahaha

anyway, we did hit a couple of nice ones, first big one jason hands off to his buddy, second one i hand off to him. hes like why are you giving these to me they are big! i say i know i love watching other people catching big fish, especially their first lakers. anyway i have other things to do like set these lines back to we can catch more!

the lake was about like glass and got really hot!! almost too nice to catch fish, so we had to work real hard changing stuff and covering water.

thanks jason for a great day! :yes:

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