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Cayuga Deans Cove 6-26-11 w pic

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Left Deans Cove and headed south pulled up shortly after Sheldrake and set up shop.... Wasn't long before we had fish on the riggers... Rainbows and some salmon done on the cheaters about 40ft in 100 fow, fished south a little further and decided to cut across to the east side and man did me run into some really nice laker action ... Spin docs fly combo where hot especially on the wires ... Had a great day overall caught about 20 fish and I lost a decent fish at the back of the boat that we never saw but I'm sure it was a nice off fish :( .... But that's fishin ......


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Thanks Guys !!!! Nice seeing all you too.... Yeah Dave had an FLTA tourney over there Sunday and heard the fishing was hot and they weren't lying .... That fishery has been good to us several years in a row now and it doesn't seem to be dieing off which is AWESOME :yes: ...... WE caught quality fish all day... And Congrats to the the REEL HOOKED UP crew they did a extremely healthy batch of big fish !!!! :yes:

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