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Sandy July 30th with pics

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Took a day off. Got a really nice one today.

Took a friends son out today. fished 6a to 2p. it was his first time big fish fishing.

Went 6 for 7. Slow pick for being stubborn. The browns were in shallow (40' fow) 30-37 down but after hitting one when getting set up we moved out to get him some big fish. There were others railing the browns and lakers today. Kid picked it up quick and turned out to be a great fishing partner. Tried to get a big fat king and some steelies because they are fun to catch to get him excited about this fishing. Most travel was north and southish between pump and nose. Water was super flat!

fish #1, 70 fow #0 dipsy unknown distance back. ~30 down. double orange crush


fish #2 170 fow #1 dipsy superbraid 2.5 140'out mt dew double crush glow spindoctor mirage/blue fly


fish #3 ~225 fow ~30 down forget what spoon this was on but on a spoon


fish #4 ~250 fow 140 back on dipsy/spinny listed above


fish #5 ~270 #0 dipsy ~ 30down. double orange crush. this was a supprise. These are quite busy ~100fow now


fish #6 ~220 fow 35 down stinger yellow killer


last fish never made it to the boat. Huge rainbow made a beautiful show for us with several nice leaps out of the water. Ran hard at the boat and spit it. Thats fishing...

fleas were average on dipsy lines. freshly spooled flea flicker kept my riggers in the water longer.

Was a great day! Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow.


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Great pics! Can't wait to get back to the Sandy Creek area. Nice variety of fish. Thanks for the info....I'm hoping to get out there Wednesday morning...I'm on channel 72 and use the handle "GUMPY." I'm always willing to talk to a fellow fisherman...Keep up the good work!



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Yeah I landed my first king while alone on the boat and then when I got cleaned up I did a laker. I was very excited and did a little dance.

The fact that I got to do it with another boat watching was a bit of a charge too. :)



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Pops I hope to be out there too on Wednesday AM.

Capt. Pat you going out Wednesday evening? Give me a shout on the Telly (353-7700) might like to leave my boat at your dock if possible so I don't have to trailer it from Chili to Sandy, back to Chili and then back to Sandy then back to Chili again :shock: ;(

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