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Ray Marine Autopilot Sport Pilot Plus

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Jim..We sent ours back to Raymarine and it was sent back to us marked "unrepairable". It worked great until our last trip out.. then started going goofy. Let me know how you make out. By the way.. they told us that they make a replacement unit for the Sportpilot, but it's been recalled! Good Fishing, Chris

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I just the new version of this installed on my Four Winns 267 and it works great. I have been looking for an auto pilot for a long time that would work for my boat, I was on the phone with raymarine for info on this and was told that the new one is redone and past issues are corrected. This was installed by Anchor marine in erie pa. They are distributers and certified installers. I dont know how we ever fished so long with out one.

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