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Blue Heron

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Looking for some help with my new HDS 7. Last trip out I opted to clear the 'tracks' off my GPS display . Not sure what I did but now I am not marking any new tracks. I then played with it for several hours but cant seem to get it to start marking tracks again.

I am a staunch lowrance person, have run them for 30+ years without a single failure and I am also a 35 year IT professional . I am happy with how this unit works but I have to say that the new HDS units have the most illogical,overbearing menus I have ever seen

WIth that rant expressed Im hoping that some here knows a trick that I have not been able to sort out thru the menus and the manual?


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I had the same problem after I finally figured out how to delete the old tracks. You have to create a new track and sitting here at the computer, I can't remeber how to do it but once you do, it will start drawing again. Next time I'm in the boat, I will look at it and let you know how to do it. The older units, just automatically started a new on for you but the HDS units don't.

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There may be an update that makes it easier. I am at the back of the boat and my fishing partner does all the button pushing :lol: Once you find the trick it will be easier . You should be able to start a new trail and pick the color. We put differant colors each day we fished the LOC. but I don't know how ;( ours is the HDS10

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I don't see where you guys have this taken care of so let me offer this.

Press the PAGES key;

Navigate to the Waypoints, Routes, Trails page and press ENTER;

Toggle over to TRAILS;

Highlight the trail to delete and press MENU;

Scroll down to DELETE and press ENTER;

Now you must start a NEW trail......

Press MENU;

Scroll down to NEW and press ENTER;

Enter what ever info you desire;

Toggle over to the Record radial button and press ENTER

This is also where you will go to change the trail color if you like. I change my colors from day to day when the patterns stay the same.

This seems long but it really is quick, and it is quicker with the 8 or 10 using the softkeys.

Hope this helps some of you.


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