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Ruff Rider Live Sodus Report Jun 9-10 2012

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Well we got stuck at work late today, but we're headed up to the lake now and should be there by 1am. Probably won't have many Friday PM trips this year, but we'll see.

The lake looks like it's warming nicely...


Also, if you look at this site you can see the past two days of surface temps animated:


The water warming only means one thing, time to head offshore! The wave forecast looks great for this weekend, but there may be storms tomorrow morning which will keep us from running too far offshore.

Hopefully some of the green water off Rochester got pushed towards Sodus with today's west wind...


Good luck to everyone out there tomorrow fishing the proam. Be safe!


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Sorry guys it's been constant bites, I just finally got the 6 rods down. Two steelies, two small kings, one nice king, nice coho and lost a few. 60-80 riggers and cheaters doing the damage. Green and orange spoons. 140-200fow.



Theresa's king took FOREVER.to get in. I had to slow to almost nothing and chase it... Theresa had enough and its just me now making reports tough.

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ok sorry . your rite left out of the shoot is west , got turned around . gotta head towards maxwell , hughes , p ville .

Ok too foggy to see them today, a bunch of people were hitting browns in shallow today though. We always go "straight out" (depending on which direction you look of course ;) )

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