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L. Champlain Trip Results


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Our trip to L. Champlain was successful, even though we had to buck the weather the first few days. In the midst of the wind and the rain, we found ample smallmouth on the shoals and near shore flats. Most of the fish were cookie cutters of a couple pounds, probably small males guarding the beds, but we did hang a few that were close to 4 lbs. Compared to previous trips the size was a bit off, but no complaints.

As the week progressed, the weather became nicer and the smallmouth seemed to get harder to target. So we fished the skinny water for largemouth...and they were there in wolf-packs. All I can say is Wow. One of the highlights of the trip was the 40 or so fish that we took out of an area the size of my front porch over the span of 30 minutes. Every time the lure hit the water, a fish inhaled it. In fact, I had two doubles where separate fish hit the same bait.

The other really memorable bites that we got into were an evening of top water on a deep flat where the biggest fish were coming out over 25 fow. They'd rocket up and miss the plug the first time, but they were aggressive and would usually return. There was also the early morning after a massive Green Drake hatch where the fish were boiling the surface just outside camp. They were feeding on flies, but they hit the Chug Bug just as well. Crazy fast bite.

Here's a few pictures off my phone of Steve and Bill with fish; you can see Steve fighting a fish in the background of the last picture...this is the spot where we found the horde.






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lets not forget these things :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:1d89e505.jpg

Or the bass you caught that was missing at least half of his spine feeffe17.jpg, no joke this fish was maybe 10" long but had the mouth of a 3 lb. fish

had a great time thanks, Gator

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I'd be willing to go so far as to tell you exactly where we were. The smallie that you're looking at came off the head of LaMotte Isle and the largemouth were in Gander Bay tight to shore up in Mississquoi. However, I can't divulge where the bowfin came from...I'm trying to block the memory of those nasty things :D

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Personally, I like the short, stubby bass...but that's mainly due to the handsome guy holding him.

No short, stubby jokes in reference to the guy, please :D

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Thanks Jim, those things are wild, hooked one TWICE at the boat but, never stuck a hook in him. The one Bill caught was almost twice the size of mine. The school of fish in the shallows was an unbelievable experience. As fast as we could get lures to them they would hit. :D:D:D

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