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How long do these PITA fleas last? - I hope not all summer!

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I am new to Lake Ontario Salmon and Trout fishing.

Today the fleas cost me about a 7-8 pound laker and almost cost me a 15+ pounder.

Both fish were off the rigger at about 100 feet over 140 feet. The first fish came after about 1 hour of trolling and when I brought him in I had to stop and clean my off my line about a dozen times. I lost him along side the boat. After that I brought up the rigger around every 20 minutes and cleaned the line.

Luckly on the second one, the 15+ pounder, my line was much cleaner and required considerably less cleaning on the way in. However it was still a royal PITA. Actually, considering the flea problem, I was lucky to boat this fish which pegged my 15# scale.

My question is how long do these fleas last? Hopefully not the rest of the season.


Trout Bum

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If we get lucky, the lake will flip... that tends to clear them out pretty good. When bringing in a rigger fish, if the fleas build up and you can't real, slap the tip of the rod against the water... it will knock the fleas off enough to then reel in :yes:


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