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Oak report 6-22 through 6-24.

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water: Fri 4 hours, Sat 12 hours, Sunday 8 hours

Weather/Temp: warm, windy

Wind Speed/Direction:N/NW


Surface Temp: 55-68






Total Hits: 40

Total Boated:32

Species Breakdown:Steelhead, steelhead and more steelhead, with a couple of Kings and a coho for good measure.LOL

Hot Lure: SD and Atommik flies in all black and green color combos, and purple and black and green spoons.

Trolling Speed: 2.2-3.0

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 175-245

Lure Depth: 50-80' on riggers, and 225-250' out on wire divers




Well, I showed up at the Captain's Cove earlier than usual on Friday afternoon, and decided to just head on out and do some fishing after throwing my bags into my room. I got out on the water about 5:00 p.m. and started setting up in about 50' of water, heading straight out north for deeper water. I did not have any hits at all until I hit the 175' mark, and then the wire divers started to fire. Ended up catching 4 steelhead, one nice 13 pound king, and a Coho that was about 7 pounds, and had a nasty lamprey attached to it. The lamprey fell off in my boat, and promptly lost its head. The Coho went back into the lake and swam off nicely. I put one nice 8 pound steelhead and the King in the box. The next morning was a little bumpy on the big lake, but I set up the same as the night before, even though it was a little tougher to let lines out with those waves breaking over my bow!LOL At about the 140' mark my one wire diver rod started screaming, and I fuinally had a big fish on, and was pretty excited about it. About 10 minutes into the fight my line went slack, and found out that the King had bitten off my fly right above the hooks!! Very sad. I kept battling the waves, and then finally hit the steelhead spot form abpout 225'-245' of water. Every time I put the lefte diver rod, with the green and black spotted dipsy and the MT dew and spotted SD and fly out to 225' I would get a steelhead on as soon as the rod was in the holder. Got a good workout anyways!!LOL I went in about 2:00 p.m. after catching and releasing a dozen or so steelhead from 5-7 pounds, and keeping one 8 pounder. My Bilge pump died on me, and my boat had developed a leak, so I figured it was a wise move to head back in. I located my leak back at the dock, went to Albion to buy some compound to fix the leak, and fixed it pretty good. Then I saw a couple fishing from shore at the Captain's Cove, and offered to take them out on the lake for the evening salmon bite. The guy Don, had never fished on Lake Ontario, and he ended up reeling in his first 10 pound King salmon, and a nice 6 pound steelhead, and was very excited. I think I made a salmon convert out of him! The next morning I located the steelhead in the same 225' to 245' feet of water and caught a bunch of them again on just about anything I put out there. I caught a nice 13 pound King on the way back to the harbor, in 175' of water, and put him and two nice 8 pound steelies in the box. Still hoping to catch that 25-30 pound King, but very happy with my results this far! :yes:

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