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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Lund Sport Angler




Date(s): 7/13/12

Time on Water: 3-8:30 PM

Weather/Temp: HOT - 90ish with scattered gray patches

Wind Speed/Direction: Seemed around 10, mostly NE

Waves: 1-3

Surface Temp: 78

Location: Hughes East to near Sodus





Total Hits: 8

Total Boated: 5

Species Breakdown: Kings and Steelhead?

Hot Lure: Stinger NBK only

Trolling Speed: 2 -3.4

Down Speed: 2.2 - 2.7 Subtroll

Boat Depth: 90 - 140

Lure Depth: 50 - 80




My first time out salmon fishing as skipper on a new boat with 2 friends who never fished trout and salmon (thanks Jim and Carl). I had never done this on my own before, but that was why I got the boat. It was easy to find the water temp breaks and stay in a range of temps, 45 -55. We ran 2 riggers and 2 dipseys all night. All but 1 of the bites came on the riggers from 50 - 80', and all on NBK Stingers. We tried other spoons, and SD/fly combos with only one release on a green dot and hammer fly dipsey out 175'. I ran the dipseys on 2, with 150 - 250' of wire out. Sonar was blank, although I did find 1 bait mass around 50' down in 110'.

We caught what I think are 3 kings and 3 steelhead, although I still need help and experience identifying the smaller fish that don't have obvious markings (maybe readers can help me out.) The first one came in 90' with one rigger out for 10 minutes. I was optimistic for a good evening, and we had pretty steady action until about 8PM. I think 1 king went over 20. I did not weigh it, but I am guessing low to mid 20s (we struggled to get it on board and hold it up). We lost one other bigger fish at the boat that chased and hit the rigger multiple times before and after it released. We released everything for another battle on another day, and I was exhausted running the fire drill in the back of the boat.

Honestly, I would have been pleased to boat one fish for a first time out doing everything myself. I was tickled pink that my friends were able to boat their first big O salmon. They did a great job staying calm while I gave them directions on what to do. They were a loss for words, and carried on about the best fishing experience of their lives. I would agree, and am so thankful that we have this wonderful fishery in our backyard.







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Awesome job Tom!!!! Really a very good trip. It can be so hard at times to salmon fish and that is a GREAT first outting. Especially with newbies. Hard to pilot and set lines and tell them how to "play" a big fish, while you clear lines or keep the fish out of them! Good report and hopefully they are still in shallow. Should be out this afternoon with the better half to try and find some action!!!!!

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Welcome to the club. This fishery is awesome. Nice fish. Chinook Salmon have all dark lips and gums and large spots all over the tail. Coho have white gums and just a few spots on the upper part of the tail. Steelhead all white mouths and small spots in neat rows on the tail. You can find some good Salmon and trout ID info on the internet. Try Great Lakes Trout and Salmon ID. Have Fun.

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Thanks folks!

I spent the last 8 years flat lining spring browns and steelhead from a smaller 16' boat. I occasionally had the opportunity to fish with friends in open water during the summer and fall on their rigs. Extending my season and capabilities is something I have wanted for a while. I think I picked a good year to move up.

I decided to get my son out for another round tonight. I hope we can pick up a few more like last night.

Tight lines, and be safe everyone!


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