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Dipsey Rod lengths

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Does anyone have a preference for the length on you dipsey rods? I just bought 2 Daiwa Heartland dipsey rods in 10'6" lenghts and I'm starting to think they maybe to long. I already installed my twili tips so there is no returning the rods. Hope I didnt make a mistake and go to big. Thanks

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I had 10'6" rods and felt they were too big for the beam of my boat. Dropped down to 8'6" blue diamonds which I loved but found them to be a little close to my rigger cable at times. Just picked up a pair of 9'6" taloras topped with tekota reels and they seem to be a nice fit. Not to big to get under the top when walking back nor are they long to store in my cabin. So far so good. Need to land more fish on them this weekend. Hopefully we'll see how cumbersome or clumsy if we do some doubles or triples which is a good problem to have this time of the year.

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