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30+ Lb Kings

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I have spent most of my life studying and pursuing these amazing fish. Although the males ( deer, humans?) are ahead of schedule and eager to stage, the size has more to do with age. It has been my observation, that a higher percentage of male kings reach 4yrs old and even a few rare 5 yr olds. Perhaps mother nature has it this way so the biggest, strongest pass on the genes. Sound familiar? Not only would a giant male be able to ascend the strongest currents better, but probably withstand predators better. In the spawning situation, the large male will get the ripe hen and then afterwards defend the nest better. Survival of the fittest.

At the same time, you will see small, mature "jack" males in a good year class. The theory is mother nature takes care to insure propagation of the species in low water years. This also spreads out the gene pool over several seasons. Probably because of egg viability, females are almost always 3 or 4 yr olds.

I know that almost all of the mid to high 30's Kings caught on my boats have been males. I have seen very few females over 33lbs. I think the females stay on the feed a little longer because so much goes into to the eggs.

Now someone go out there and get a bloated, overdue hen with 12lbs of roe in her!

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