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Powering fuse block?


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id like to mount a 10 gang fuse block under dash to power my electronics. sonar,vhf, stereo etc. i plan to use 10ga wire and run the ground to the battery. im not sure how to run the positive side. id like it to run through my perko dual battery switch so everything can be shut off by switch. can i hook up to the perko switch with my 10ga wire and ring terminal to power this fuse block? thanks, mark

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It is sensible to put a fuse near the battery in the positive feed line to your terminal block as that wire can start a fire when it wears or is crushed by something. Happened to me when a cannonball wore down the insulation and the bare wire shorted to the metal hull. After it happened I read the instructions and there was the warning. If you smell wires burning, they probably are.

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