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Seneca 6-9-13 w pics

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Headed out of Watkins at 5 AM and ran North to E Rabbits neck of the Lake  :lol: ......  Had Danny from Hills Valleys and Streams on board for his second ever trip and he was excited to get at them.....  We ran dipsys riggers and cores.....  Had one dipsy down and was setting the other and wham oh !!  Spoon dipsy starts pounding, so handed it to Dan and he got a decent lanlock to the boat and released to fight another day....  We managed to gets all the rods in the water and rigger fires with a fat little Brown and the browns bite countinued for about an hour and it shut off and then the lakers turned on we boated a few of those before that bite died ...  Told Danny we were one Rainbow away from the SLAM and about 10 minutes later I see shallow the rigger release and yelled to Danny to jump on it but before he could get it out of the holder its was already on its first acrobatic jump and then another and he threw the spoon :( .... Oh well it happens, tell Danny we might get another chance...  We trolled back south for quite a while before Bang !!!!!   Our Second chance on the rigger again...  Hand it off to Danny and we get this one to the boat after one short run.... All fish were released to fight another day except for one small table fare brown for Danny..... Overall great day on the water and managed to pull off the GRAND SLAM ......  







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Nice report. U guys r killing me tho... I haven't been on the lake since Memorial Day. I missed out on a smokin deal on a sportcraft. I think someone on here beat me to it. O well, I'm still lookin....

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