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My girlfriend and I got on the water about 5 and headed straight out of the creek. Set up in 100 fow and trolled NE. When we got to about 160 the wire pulling a livewire spinny and a white fly takes off! At the same time the 40ft rigger fires with a nice steelie going crazy and airborne right behind the boat. After a bit of a fire drill we managed to land the steelie and a decent king! Re set and circled back thru and landed another steelie on mixed veggie Stinger, cheated off the 40ft rigger. A short while later the same wire that took the first king, takes off screaming! After a good battle we land another nice king!! While resetting that wire I managed to tangle with the other wire and spend the next 45 minutes sorting that mess out! At that point we decided to call it a night and were back to the launch by 8:30.


This was my first weekend fishing the lake like this. In the past I have only been able to troll the creek mouths with a small boat. After spending the winter restoring an 18' Starcraft and setting it up for trolling, it was great to get out and see all the hard work pay off!! Thank you to all of you that have posted reports and info on this site. It has certainly made it much easier for an inexperienced guy like myself to go out and have a good time!! Thanks again!!


I will be fishing out of the Oak Thur-Sun so I will try to post some reports then and give something back to those that have helped me so much!!


Couple pics from yesterday:






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Great job on the boat restore, and good fish report, looks and sounds like all the hard work and lots of $$$ paid off, I'm in the same shoes, just a few little things to button up and my 2 year project is ready for lake O can't wait!!

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