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Musky Catch and Release - Reasons, Tips, Questions and Experiences

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Thanks for the ideas and the input guys.  I do not like to lift the fish out of the water in the net really but I had thought of that. I do have a digital scale and may consider buying a mechanical due to what you mentioned Muskiedreams.  I have also considered buying a cradle but worry about the fish slipping out of the open end and falling onto the boat floor while I am trying to read the scale. 

 I had never thought of using a bathroom scale, that's a great idea and would also make things speedy for the fishes sake.  As I take a quick photo I will be on the scale, release the fish and then weight myself.  I  probably wouldn't have came up with that idea. This forum and the helpful anglers that it is made up of is great!   Thank you again. Problem solved and I'm sure mama will be thrilled to see the bathroom scales go!  Lol  Its a win win

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On 8/22/2013 at 9:47 PM, old man said:

try fishing with the barbs of your hooks pinched down. most of the fish you net will get off the bait on their own in the net. safer for you and the fish.

This is critical and I  loose no fish  because of the  lack of a barb. Also  on most 5" to 7" crank-twitch baits I  remove the  center treble and replace  the front hook w a long shank and go up1 size. Lot less hooks to remove and the hooks are separated buy enough distance to prevent them from getting all jammed-cramped up inside thee  fishes mouth simultaneously." Its a lot east to remove a single treble than 2 or 3, especially w/o a barb.. And again I've yet to lose fish w/o the middle treble.


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