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RUFF RIDER Live Report Sodus Aug 9-11

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Got up to Sodus a bit after midnight last night and woke to pouring rain this morning... decided to sleep in.  We have a coworker and his daughter coming up this weekend and I'm sure they're going to want to fish a lot, so better get rested up!


The lake is still a bit mixed up, but better than last weekend.  There are a few fish being caught in 100fow and a few in 200fow, no news from out deep.


Here's a video of some of the fish we caught last week during BFF to keep you entertained until we get back out on the water :)



Good luck to everyone out there this weekend!  We're getting ready for the Fall LOC, after a dissapointing Summer LOC and getting bounced off the leaderboard the last day, we're going to be bringing it next weekend!



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I have a bunch of those hybrid spoon/plugs.  They are a slow moving presentation I use for lakers.  They look good behind a dodger.  You catchin' kings at king-speed on them?

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hey nick,

glad you had a good day. Yesterday was very good for me. I started using my old diamond kings with some glow and green added .i probably could have filled the cooler also but three was all I could take.The fish came from about the same depth.Im going tomorrow afternoon ,short on a crew  and every day early is tough.I also have a old setup with dodger fly and silver horde that is deadly on kings over dee[p water.tomorrow later Ill put them out.Only need two rods to fill a cooler.

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