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RUFF RIDER Sodus Live Report Aug 23 - Sep 2

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LoL.. that's a GREAT pic... hopefully u Will have a GREAT fall.. im gonna troll one more weekend and then run my boat up 18 mile creek and drift FISH them in total comfort w know one around... its great watching a 30lber suck ur skein down off a float and set the hook and watch them tail walk 100yrds off ur reel in seconds... then fighting the current.. I love every minute of it... cheers my friends:rolleyes:

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I will definitely miss you and your mrs, the both of you work together like a well oiled machine, :dance:  she gets right in there just like the pro's :ninja:

, and some of the guys I had on my boat I would trade for Theresa any day of the week. I just can't believe that the season came and  went already, here is to a great year :beer:  :beer: and hope all is well through the winter months and the holidays. :drink:  I was hoping that the fishing would last a few more weeks, I'm heading in the hospital for back surgery on the 18th of Sept. and they tell me 6/8 weeks till I'm back on my feet hopefully 100% :party: , so next year in the spring  :flower: we will be ready for the browns and walleye and then the kings. :clap:  Take care PAP.

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