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Opening Day


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Opening day was interesting for me. Saw a ton of deer including the biggest buck I have ever seen on the good in the woods. At around noon, 2 hikers with an unleashed dog came walking through and the dog spooked deer out of the brush. The monster ran by with 6 doe at full speed. I just watched in awe. I ended up dumping a button buck with the muzzleloader at 100 yds around 420 pm opening afternoon. Not my first choice but it's meat in the freezer and now I can get back to perch fishing.

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My nephew Got this nice 9pt opening morning around 11am. He came feeding without a care in the world. He is going on the wall. My buddy got a 340 lb bear in hornby on sat. My niece got a small 8pt and I had only seen 2 doe doing mach 2 and a yearing I let walk by.

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I did not see a deer at all opening day and yesterday's winds and warm weather did not look too promising. Of course, I went out anyway, but I wasn't hopeful. I was looking uphill for a bit and when I turned back around to look downhill I saw a good buck had worked his way all the way across in front of me at about 60 yards. He stopped and I put the crosshairs of my slug gun on him at 60 yards, but there were a couple branches criss-crossing in front of him. I was not going to have a shot if he went another 10 yards, so I decided to squeeze one off where he stood. He jumped and started running downhill with his tail between his legs and I thought I had hammered him, but I figured I would take another shot just in case. Well, good thing I did because my first shot hit a branch and my second shot was the one that did the job. He only went about 50-60 yards total.


He is a 10 point and by far my best deer ever. He was the only deer I saw all weekend, but luckily he was the right one.



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