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Opening Day


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With the Southern Zone gun season opening on Saturday, good luck to all and stay safe! I can't wait to head out early tomorrow for once last day of bow season and then as the rest of the group trickles in, enjoy the "hunting camp" routine for the rest of the weekend.


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I think the warm weather is going to make natural movement a little slow. But will make people walk around more because its going to be a nice day to look around. Lol but if u stay put all day it will be a nice day for it! Good luck everyone!

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I woke up to a bunch of shots nearby  (but luckily away from the house ) :) ....so hopefully somebody is happily dressing out their trophy right now. Good luck folks!

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I hate missing opening day. Big deer are getting shot all over.


My buddy shot this one from my stand in freedom


This is my friend Randys first deer ever

My son missed a big 8pt with his bow (he's 13)

And I'm in Chicago waiting to get hammered with soaking rain and wind while watching the Bears game tomorrow.


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Overall slow day with deer movement but I was able to take this nice 9 point at 840am didn't see a deer the rest of the day post-144505-13847363448134_thumb.jpg

My buddy also took this 8 point same day at 10am. Looking at the deer we are thinking maybe offspring post-144505-13847364327041_thumb.jpg


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