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Round Lake, Malta, NY

Deaf Fisherman

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If it were me (not knowing anything about the lake and going there) I'd try to fish the spaces near any weed beds found or to the outside edges of them. Most lakes that shallow 7 ft medium depth and 20 ft max. the deepest part on bottom (eg. 20 ft area) usually have low oxygen levels after the ice forms so the fish are scattered in the shallower parts near where plants give off oxygen and contain possible food sources. I'd be jigging with small jigs with spikes or mousies (purchased before going) or small plastic tubes on 4 lb test line (maybe fluoro as well) for bluegills and crappies etc. and if things looked decent there I'd set up a few tip ups for pike (depending on what he finds nearby for bait e.g. live shiners etc.) and if not then set up for perch with light line using whatever bait he has available. If there is a bait store anywhere near there I'd pick the locals brain about it (even if just on the phone).

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